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Why crowdsafe?

Celebrating a decade, 1992 - 2005 Crowdsafe.com is the first website dedicated to improving crowd safety at concerts (and public gatherings of all kinds) worldwide.

Crowdsafe® is here to help the rock concert industry provide safer and more enjoyable concert environments. Crowdsafe.com is here to remind audiences that they have a right to a safe concert environment. Crowdsafe.com is here to introduce public officials to the best crowd safety standards, laws and techniques for preventing common safety missteps and haphazard event planning in their communities.

Crowdsafe.com offers you the latest international crowd safety news and our independent viewpoints; a look at the most recent annual Rock Concert Safety SurveyTM news release; our special CrowdcafeTM menu of crowd safety guidance and laws; official safety reports; first-hand concert experiences of fans around the world; the complete list of Crowdsafe Award winners; and much more.

Crowdsafe.com was created in 1997 by Crowd Management Strategies, a unique international safety consulting and training service.

Enough said. Welcome to Crowdsafe.com. We look forward to sharing with you much of what we know and, in return, hearing your views and learning from your experiences.

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