Paul Wertheimer
Crowd Management Strategies

Paul Wertheimer is the founder and head of Crowd Management Strategies, a Los Angeles-based international crowd safety consulting service with a specialty in concert and festival safety issues.

"Safety crusader at the forefront."

He has participated in the development and passage of safety legislation, standards and guidance in the US, England, Denmark, South Africa and Australia. This includes contributing to the British government's 1999 Event Safety Guide; the Danish government's safety report following the 2000 Roskilde Festival tragedy; South Africa's official event safety guide; and providing the model for a new level of safety for concert moshing environments in Australia.

"Crowd safety expert."
Court TV

Paul has spoken on the subject of crowd management before a wide range of audiences, including (Requires Adobe Acrobat's FREE Reader): the British Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College; the Fourth World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control; the National Fire Protection Association; the Danish Working Group to Study the Safety Aspects of Music Festivals (He was the only crowd safety expert outside of Denmark invited to appear before the group); First International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security; First International Conference on Engineering for Crowd Safety; the International Association of Assembly Managers; the International Conference on Police Aspects of Crowd Safety; and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

"Foremost industry expert on the topic of crowd crushing."
Worst-Case Scenario, TV

In 2003, Paul was the only crowd safety expert invited to speak before Rhode Island's special legislative safety commission following the Great White concert disaster. He was also the sole crowd safety expert invited to speak before Chicago's E2 nightclub tragedy safety panel . A number of Paul's recommendations were accepted by both groups.

Paul has served as assistant executive director and assistant general manager for the Lexington, Kentucky, facility management firm overseeing the Lexington Center complex: 23,400-seat Adolph Rupp Arena, Heritage Hall convention center, Opera House, shopping mall and Triangle Park.

"Rock's Ralph Nader."
The Indianapolis Star

Paul has served as assistant executive director and assistant general manager for the Lexington, Kentucky, facility management firm overseeing the Lexington Center complex: 23,400-seat Adolph Rupp Arena, Heritage Hall convention center, Opera House, shopping mall and Triangle Park.

The 1979 Who concert tragedy in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the incident that started Paul on his crowd management career. He served as the chief of staff for The Task Force on Crowd Control and Safety established in the aftermath of The Who concert disaster. He subsequently wrote the Task Force's landmark Crowd Management: The Report of the Task Force on Crowd Control and Safety.

"The marshal of the mosh pit."
The Washington Post

Paul is a member of the National Fire Protection Association's Life Safety Technical Committee on Assembly Occupancies and Membrane Structures and a liaison member of the South African Bureau of Standards Technical Committee on Health and Safety at Live Events. He also regularly attends concerts, festivals and other public assembly events.

In the area of litigation, Paul has qualified as a crowd safety expert in US federal court and in English courts. He has been involved in more concert crowd safety litigation cases than anyone else in the world. His opinions have helped change the dynamics of event crowd safety litigation.

Paul Wertheimer
Crowd Management Strategies
1145 Barry Ave, No 316
Los Angeles, California 90049
United States of America

Voice: 310-402-1771

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For more than a decade, Crowd Management Strategy/ and founder Paul Wertheimer have been quoted in the media more than any other source on the topics of crowd management and concert safety. These opportunities have allowed Crowd Management Strategies to reach an audience of millions with accurate information and reasonable solutions for making concerts and other public assembly events safer.

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The Who concert tragedy
The Who concert tragedy
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The AC-DC concert tragedy
Woodstock Festival, 1994
Woodstock Festival, 1994

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