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Donald Trump’s “Mayhem Marketing” Political Rallies
Updated: Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump. Photo: No attribution or date

Donald Trump’s “Mayhem Marketing” Political Rallies It doesn’t matter where Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump got his ideas for dealing with crowds. He could be using the playbook of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder or pop icon Justin Bieber---or any number of other popular figures who throughout history have sought to manipulate their audiences. But, if Mr. Trump doesn’t calm things down---cut out the mayhem marketing* of his political campaign---bad stuff is likely to occur.

Mr. Trump, a businessman used to the-art-of-the-deal, outwitting business competitors or pressuring clients, is making the same crowd management mistakes many people holding the microphone make. Mr. Trump thinks he’s the maestro of his mayhem. Mr.Vedder---who, in part, built his 1990’s concert reputation from his wildly reckless stage antics and his support for unmanaged audience moshing, crowd surfing and stage diving, learned the limits of his hubris in Denmark when nine of his fans were crushed to death as he played on and on at the 2000 Roskilde Festival.

Mr. Trump is headed down that same road if he doesn’t show that he is smarter than a rock star. Crowd Management Strategies’ Paul Wertheimer told Associated Press writer ALLEN G. BREED, "I think he, in general, knows what he's doing, and he does this intentionally to stir up the crowd," "I think things can quickly get out of control if he continues to act this way," "The man or woman on the stage with the mic has a lot of power - to calm things down or to provoke confrontations, to inspire or to create an atmosphere of intolerance."

*Note: Mayehm marketing is a term Crowd Management Strategies created in 1997 to address intentionally provoked public crowd disorders by celebrities, or their agents, to help gain public attention and to market products.

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