Last Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trump Campaign Manager Arrested; Could This Happen To Donald Trump?
Updated: Sunday, April 03, 2016

An anti-Donald Trump teenage protester is pepper sprayed by an unidentified assailant during a campaign rally last month in Jupiter, Florida. Photo: No attribution.

Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump saw his crowd rally antics slide to a new low with the arrest of his campaign manager on misdemeanor simple battery charges (March 29). Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, 43, was taken into custody by Jupiter, Florida, police and later released. A trial date has been set for May 8.

That same day, a 15-year-old teen protester at a Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, was pepper sprayed alleged by a Trump supporter. Then on Thursday (March 31), three protesters filed lawsuits against Mr. Trump for, among other things, inciting supporters, some of whom allegedly took it upon themselves to physically and verbally assault the three during a Louisville, Kentucky, pro-Trump rally (March 1). These deplorable incidents during a campaign rally are the latest in a long list of troubling provocative statements by Mr. Trump during his campaign rallies. His controversial comments have become as important as his campaign pledges and, more importantly, are endangering and injuring people at his events. In many ways, Mr. Trump has turned his campaign rallies into mosh pits of verbal and physical chaos.

"Where will Mr. Trumpís incitements lead?" asked respected political website The Daily Beast. Crowd Management Strategiesí Paul Wertheimer offered a few salient comments along with other pundits.

From Mr. Trumpís perspective, he is standing up to anti-Trump protesters who appear at this rallies to disrupt his speeches. Protesters have been somewhat successful at denying Mr. Trump the very First Amendment rights they demand for themselves. The anti-Trump protesters are part of the problem as well. Their actions are no less shameful. But, the anti-Trump protesters can be handled by law enforcement and private security. Mr. Trumpís macho posture plays into the hands of his adversaries, and worse, places people in his rally crowds in harmís way as he aggressively confronts his critics in the audience.

There is a very real possibility that, under certain circumstances, a crowd disorder or rally brawl precipitated by a reckless directive from Mr. Trump to his followers could land him in jail for incitement. Mr. Trumpís continued provocations such as calls for the crowd to take care of hecklers, his alleged racial and sexual pronouncements and his subliminal messaging----"I think you'd have riots" if the Republican convention is brokered----are introducing a hostile atmosphere to his events that could explode out of control.

Mr. Trump who prides himself on his boardroom prowess and his eleven points for winning in his book The Art of The Deal, may find those tactics donít apply to crowd control and crowd safety. The street ainít the board room. And there are no ďApprenticeĒ retakes if Mr. Trump over plays his hand and loses control of his crowd tomorrow or---at the Republican convention.

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