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Crowd Management Strategies In The News For 2016
Updated: Friday, December 30, 2016

Read all about it! Crowd Management Strategies in the news in 2016. Photo: Informative Classroom Picture Publishers (c) 1949

Here is a round-up of commentary from Crowd Management Strategies addressing many of the major crowd safety issues that arose in 2016.

Crowd Management Strategies viewpoints, assessments and recommendations were sought on such topics as: the U.S. presidential campaign, the treatment of war refugees in Europe, the shooting death of artist Christina Grimme, the state of venue crowd safety and security, social protests in the U.S., crowd psychology in false emergency situations, sports celebrations, travel crowd safety tips for travelers, the importance of proper signage and even handling Harry Potter crowds.

1. “How do you know if a concert venue is safe?”, December 2016.

2. “Secure Travel: A vigilant vacationer may also be a safe one,” Go Escape magazine, Winter issue 2016 (magazine news stand).

3. ”The Race Ends with dump trucks, but they’re not on fire. Yet,”, November 2016.

4. ”Running from Nothing: Why False-Alarm Freak-outs Happen,” New York magazine, August 2016.

5. ”Crowd Safety: Recent Events Deliver Wake-Up Call, Music Festival Business," August 2016. [Note from The concert industry has received more than 1,000 wake-up calls in its 65 year history. Unfortunately, crowd safety wake-up calls continue to be ignored.)

6. ”How Cleveland’s New Park Will Define Resistance at the RNC,", July 2016.

7. ”Atlanta Mayor Reed to protesters, Treat police with dignity, respect,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 2016.

8. “Pro-Trump demonstrators fear Cleveland ‘inviting bloodbath’ at RNC convention," The Washington Times, June 2016.

9. ”Cleveland Cavs celebration offers positive contrast to celebration following Ohio State’s 2015 win,", June 2016.

10. Donald Trump campaign protests, The Tomi Lehran Show, May 2016. 11. "Pantera Calls for Better Artist Protection After Christina Grimme Shooting," Rolling Stone, April 2016.

12. "Violence Against Refugees In Europe: Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Can Be Lethal, Doctors and Humanitarians Warn," IBTimes, April 2016.

13. "Trump Rallies Are getting more violent by the week," The Daily Beast, March 2016.

14. "Here’s the biggest challenge facing Universal Studios when Harry Potter land opens," Los Angeles Times, March 2016.

15. How Trump addresses violence at his rallies," Associated Press, March 2016.

16. "Mind the font: celebrating the man who gave London its letters,", The Long and The March 2016.

The public debate about crowd safety continued to face challenges in 2016, Besides the nixing by International Council of Shopping Centers of a story about mall and shopping center crowd safety and security in Shopping Centers Today magazine, the highly respected Vanity Fair magazine appears to have also caved in from behind the scenes pressure on an equally important story. An article by highly acclaimed writer William Langewiesche analyzing the catastrophic crowd tragedy at the 2015 Hajj in Mecca---the worst in the history of the pilgrimage---was submitted to Vanity Fair, as requested. Before he filed his story, Mr. Langewiesche spent months in story research, in his usual meticulous manner. He spoke with crowd experts around the world, including from Saudi Arabia, England, America and elsewhere. Crowd Management Strategies’ Paul Wertheimer was interviewed.

But, Mr. Langewiesche’s story never found its way into print at Vanity Fair. A mysterious oddity for such a noted writer. In fact, strangely silent was the media as a whole on the first anniversary of the Hajj disaster. No stories analyzing the disaster and how it could have been prevented from the perspective of experts in such matters appeared anywhere as far as Crowd Management Strategies can tell. The Hajj 2015 has become the new Tiananmen Square. A setback for the field for crowd safety.

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