Last Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

WNYC Studio: "Stay Safe In The Crowd" Animated Short
Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2017

Paul Wertheimer in WNYC's animated short about crowd safety. Illustration: Animated by Nate Milton for WNYC Studio c 2017

WNYC Public Radio in New York City has posted on its Only Human blog and on the animated short "Stay Safe In The Crowd".

The three minute short produced by Lu Olkowski (with Amanda Aronczyk, Elaine Chen, Cayce Means and Jillian Weinberger) and animated by Nate Milton is an entertaining look at the crowd research of Crowd Management Strategies' Paul Wertheimer with an added sprinkling of crowd safety tips.

Mr. Wertheimer's career is unique in that he has spent it actually in crowds and crowd crushes. His published guidance, You and the Festival Crowd produced for the Roskilde Festival after the Pearl Jam crowd crush disaster in 2000, remains the most widely circulated publication of its type.

"Stay Safe In The Crowd" is also the first known animated short portraying the work of a crowd safety professional. And, hopefully, WNYC's creative effort will inspire more attention to the crowd safety profession.

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