Last Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Australian Crowd Missteps At Two Events Cause Chaos And Injuries
Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Overcrowding, unregulated festival seating and general crowd mismanagement ignited a crush at the Falls Festival injuring more than 80 people. Photo: Falls Festival (No attribution)

Recent back to back crowd safety fails at the (Melbourne) and at the annual Falls music festival (Lorne) brought into question crowd management Down Under, a country considered to have a crowd safety ethic. Scores of people were injured and put in harm's way in crowd crushes during the two events.

In 2001, a Jessica Michalik, then a mere 15 years old, was crushed to death at the Big Day Out festival in Sydney. That high profile preventable tragedy drew widespread criticism of the promoters and Limp Bizkit, the American band performing at the time. Apparently, the promoters of the Falls Festival, including co-promoter Jessica Ducrou, have forgotten the lessons learned from young Jessica's preventable death.

Paul Wertheimer comments on crowd safety techniques for people in crowds were solicited by Australia's NetworkTen journalists.

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