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Are you looking for the latest worldwide information on rock concert and festival crowd safety challenges and solutions? If you are, then we think you will want to know about Crowd Management Strategies' latest publications and database. They have the information you will not find anywhere else. Maybe that is why public safety officials, security firms, event managers, venues, lawyers, educators and libraries order our materials.

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Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Reports

The annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Reports, published by Crowd Management Strategies, review popular (rock, pop, rap, reggae, etc.)

concert and festival crowd safety incidents, trends and issues worldwide. No other publication delivers the wealth of information and the candid and substantive recommendations that can make your job of providing a safe environment for concert and festival audiences easier. Each report offers additional value, as well: We help you build your own crowd management reference library, and our glossary is unique because it translates concert jargon. For instance, you'll learn the difference between a bum-rush and a stub-down.

Hot issues? You'll find them in our reports. Before the rock concert industry acknowledged the growing dangers of mosh pits, our readers were putting into place our moshing guidelines. That's just one of the many reasons the authoritative Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Reports, (drawn from the powerful Rock Safety Database™) are the most influential crowd management publications in the music concert industry.


"Your info was
instrumental in us
having a safe fair."

California Deputy Sheriff

"A most excellent report."

--Jake Pauls, CPE, Building Use and Safety Consulting, USA

Price per Rock Concert Safety Survey Report is $80-USD. The price for Illusion of Safety - Volume 1 is $325-USD ($350 outside of North America) Price includes First Class postage and handling worldwide. If you have questions about the Rock Concert Safety Survey Reports, , e-mail your your questions along with your name, address, and company/organization to:


All Rock Concert Safety Survey Reports include:

  • Glossary of terms
  • Resource list of publications and multimedia tools
  • Chart of the years's highlighted concert incidents
  • Commentary on a concert safety issue
  • Patterns and problems overview

Seventh Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 31 concert and festival incidents from 1998
  • Is It The Music Or The Crowd Management? Rap Concert Crowd Safety Guidelines
  • A Trust Betrayed: Twenty Years After The Who Concert Tragedy
  • 1992-98 Concert Injuries And Deaths Worldwide (charts)
  • Indexed

Sixth Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 31 concert and festival incidents from 1997
  • Why Johnny Can Sue
  • Concert Safety Rating Checklist
  • Crowd safety issues from around the world
  • Special data charts
  • Indexed

Fifth Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 31 concert and festival incidents from 1996
  • Radio Shows: Do they tune out Safety?
  • Concert and festival deaths statistics: 1992-1996
  • Smashing Pumpkins concert tragedy
  • Incidents and issues around the world

Fourth Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 22 concert and festival incidents from 1995
  • Moshing issues and incidents update
  • Guidelines for communities hosting festivals and mega-concerts

Third Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 27 concert and festival incidents from 1994
  • Concert industry's first moshing safety guidelines
  • Fleeing fans face locked exit doors
  • On the 15th anniversary of the Who concert tragedy: Are fans safer today?

Second Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

  • Reviews 15 concert and festival incidents from 1993
  • British pop concert guidelines and NFPA festival seating guidelines
  • Teenagers pushed into concert violence

First Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Report

"The refreshing thing about the [Rock Concert Safety Survey] report is it's not just another excuse to bash concerts or music. Indeed, [Crowd Management Strategies'] goal isn't to stop concerts but to make them safer."

--Mark Brown, rock journalist, The Orange County Register, California

  • Reviews 20 concert and festival incidents from 1992
  • A needless death

Illusion of Safety: Volume One

  • Reviews more than 120 concert and festival incidents from around the world, 1992-1996
  • All guidelines from previous survey reports
  • Crowd management resources section
  • Glossary
  • Charts, graphs, analysis and updates
  • Indexed

Why be lost in the crowd... when you can lead it?

Crowdsafe™ Newsletter

Now there is a newsletter dedicated to concert and public assembly crowd safety issues that cuts through the jive to bring you no-nonsense news, tips, expert opinions, and guidelines from around the globe. Isn't that what you have always wanted?

We have designed crowdsafe™ so that you and your staff get 8-pages of news, insights, data, expert opinions from around the world, exclusive stories and photographs, crowd safety warnings, new trends, concert safety reviews and special bulletins. In other words, information you simply won't find anywhere else. But that's not all that makes crowdsafe™ different from other publications. Only crowdsafe™ has exclusive access to Crowd Management Strategies' powerful Rock Safety Database™ and its annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ Reports. (Subscribers always get a first-look.)

What does all of this cost for a one year subscription? Only $80. Think of crowdsafe™ as the crowd safety consultant you can afford.

If you have questions about the crowdsafe™ newsletter or would like an order form, e-mail us in North America at Please include your name, title and organization.

Take Advantage of These Special Offers from Crowd Management Strategies

  • Do you want to see a sample of crowdsafe™ before subscribing? Choose from one of our previous issues listed on this page. Back issues are available for $25 USD each (including first class/air mail and handling, worldwide). If you like what you read and decide to subscribe, we will deduct $15 immediately from your subscription order. You receive a year's subscription (six additional issues) for only $110.
  • Save $20 instantly when you subscribe to the crowdsafe™ newsletter and purchase a Rock Concert Safety Survey Report together.

What To Expect From Your Crowdsafe Subscription
  • Bi-monthly, eight pages in magazine format
  • Local/Worldwide "hot spot" alerts
  • "Expert Opinion" columns from experts around the world
  • First look at new trends before they are recognized by the industry
  • Guidelines addressing important crowd management problems
  • Crowd safety reviews on important concerts and tours
  • The best Internet safety sites
  • Exclusive charts and statistics from the Rock Safety Database
  • And much more!

May/June 2000

  • Nine Killed at Roskilde Festival
  • Mace Stampede Death
  • Teen Critically Injured At Blink 182 Show
  • Parents of Brain Injured Teen Settle With Butthole Surfers
  • WBCN-FM's River Rave Organizers Criticized
  • Glastonbury Festival Ends On Good And Bad Note
  • KQRS-FM's 93X Fest: 3 Sexual Assaults; 1,200 Ticketed
  • On Site: HFStival 2000
  • On Site: Rockfest 2000
  • On Site: Experience Music Project Grand Opening
  • WQHT-FM's Hot 97 Meltdown
  • Rave Ruckus At Metropolis Event

March/April 2000

  • Disco Terrorism
  • Artist Faces Jail In Death Of Fan
  • Four Charged In 1998 Swedish Dance Horror
  • Korn And Staind Show Sends 35 To First Aid
  • Exclusive - From Rock Safety Database: Lethal Weapons Creeping Into Concert Scene (2 charts)
  • Expert Opinion: Event Safety Guide's Medical Advice Is Prescription For Success by Phil Storr, MRL Ltd.
  • Inquest: No Criminal Negligence In 1999 Concert Death

January/February 2000

  • Two Top European Security Firms Merge
  • Rap Concert Rocked By Violence
  • Crowd Surfing Lawsuit Settles For $225,000
  • Exclusive - Overview: Eighth Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey™ (6 charts)
  • California Law Would Set First Aid Standard, Track Injuries

November/December 1999

  • Paraplegic's Metallica Lawsuit Settled
  • Crush Of Exiting Spectators Kills 5
  • Deputy, 2 Patrons Shot At Reggae Club
  • Trends: Louts On The Loose
  • Britain Updates Its Concert Safety Guide
  • Legacy of December 3: Crowd Management Comes Of Age

September/October 1999

  • Post-Rave Auto Crash Takes 5 Lives
  • Two Kwaito Fans Shot Dead
  • Ticketmaster System Advances Safety
  • Criminal Investigation For Illegal Tokyo Street Concert
  • Woodstock '99: Making Of A Disaster, Part 2
  • Expert Opinion: "Y2K Special Events Licencing" By Rodney Burrows
  • On-Site: Reebok Cup Soccer
  • Arena's Safety Signage Puts It On Notice, Too
  • Deadly Boating Crash After Concert
  • And more!

July/August 1999

  • Exclusive: 53 Dead In Worst Festival Concert Tragedy
  • Crowd Disorders At Players Ball, Hot '97 Summer Jam
  • Special To Crowdsafe: "Slippery Slope" By Nikolai Khalezin
  • Teen Girl Killed At Chaotic Hole Concert
  • Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Arrested For Assault
  • Woodstock '99: Making Of A Disaster, Part 1
  • Glastonbury '99
  • Exclusive: Dave Matthews Band Had Crowd Problems Prior To Hartford
  • Everclear Members Arrested For Assaulting Girl
  • Motley Crue, Again
  • Alcohol Excess Mars E-Centre Radio Festival
  • New Safety Tactics Succeed For "Hot August Nights"
  • Exclusive photos, editorial cartoon
  • Our biggest issue

May/June 1999

  • Northern Ireland Militant Shot At Concert
  • US Boy Dies Crowd Surfing
  • US News Editors: Artists, Promoters, Venues, Ignore First Amendment
  • Radio Over-Promotion Turns Cinco de Mayo Into Cinco de Mayhem
  • Expert Opinion: Biochemical and Psychological Origins Of Risk Underestimation by Victor Nell, Ph.D., Part 2
  • Marilyn Manson Does His Best...To Create Disorder
  • On-Site Concert Crowd Safety Review: The Offspring, Living End, D Generation
  • Security Guard Lawsuit Against Pantera and Others Settled
  • And much more!

March/April 1999

  • $1.2 Million Stage Diving Settlement
  • Hip Hoppers Clash With LA Police
  • Korn Concert Tour Disorders
  • Sony Fuels Mosh Craze
  • Expert Opinion: South Africa's Victor Nell, Ph.D. on Biochemical and Psychological Origins of Risk Underestimation (Part 1)
  • From The Rock Safety Database: 1999 Festivals To Watch

January/February 1999

  • Raptors' Foul Fans: NBA Scores on Follow Up
  • Australia's Big Day Out
  • Richard Jewell's New Focus
  • Rail Collapse Report Raises Issues
  • Pearl Jam--Back To Old Ways--Blames Others
  • Exclusive: First Look At 7th Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey
  • The Latest Lawsuit Settlements
  • Convictions In Aftermath Of State College Riot
  • Court Says Puff Daddy, Heavy D, CUNY Had Roles In Disaster
  • And more!

November/December 1998

  • Dance Inferno In Sweden Leaves 63 Dead
  • Another Phish Traffic Tragedy
  • African Performer Shoots Fan; Commits Suicide
  • Swiss Stop "Hate-Rock" Bands
  • Trends: Pogoing
  • From The Rock Safety Database: Club Disasters Of The 1990's
  • San Francisco's Halloween Bash Frightening
  • Singapore Eases Concert "Dance" Restrictions
  • Is Waning Popularity Frustrating Marilyn Manson?
  • Top-Rated Concert Risk Management And Training Videos
  • Concert Guard Assaults Drug Agent
  • Update: Hell's Angel Convicted In Concert Deaths
  • Ozzy Osbourne, Type O Negative And Others In Mosh Lawsuit Settlement
  • The Making Of The ABC News "20/20" Moshing Story
  • The Offspring's Dangerous Mayhem Marketing Stunt
  • And more!

September/October 1998

  • What If...Terrorists Bomb Concert?
  • Was It Rap? Or, Was It A Poor Crowd Plan?
  • Traffic Deaths Sour Phish Fest, Again
  • Band's Temper Tantrum Triggers Injuries
  • ABC News "20/20" Moshing Story Order Instructions
  • Exclusive: FBI Counter-Terrorism Tips From Supervisory Special Agent William E. Dyson, Jr.
  • A-OK For Canadian Venue, Band; 50 Kids To First Aid
  • Rapper Arrested For Death Threats
  • Hot August Nights Boil Over
  • First Year Anniversary Statistics
  • And more!

Start of Volume 2: July/August 1998

  • One Dead Following Rap Show
  • Three Stabbed at Concert
  • Smashing Pumpkins Free Minneapolis Gig Fails to Set Record
  • Family of 1996 Olympic Park Bombing Victim Sues Security Firms
  • Fan Sues Promoter for Moshing Injury
  • Glastonbury Festival: Mud, Music, Mishaps
  • Alameda County Fair Shooting Not Concert-Related
  • On Site: Tibetan Freedom Festival '98
  • On Site: Ozzfest '98-Van's Warped Tour
  • Et Tu Lilith?
  • Fuji Rock Festival Spews Forth Injuries
  • And more!

May/June 1998

  • Another Lawsuit Settles Against Metallica, others
  • 22 Arrested at Hartford Radio Festival
  • University Rejects Two Proposed Radio Shows
  • Rave Bust Nets 21
  • ABC News 20/20 Airs Rave Segment
  • Websites As Cool Crowd Safety Tools
  • Expert Opinion: D'Arcey Kelleher of ASC Training Systems on Australia's Security Industry Professionalism
  • On Site: Heineken X-PL'OOR and Soul Fly
  • The El Nino of Rock Gigs
  • TV Mosh Story Airs Interesting Quotes
  • And more!

Mar/Apr 1998

  • Stabbings in London Leave 2 Dead
  • City College of New York '91 Crowd Crush in Court
  • Venue Experiences Classic Rap Problems
  • Moshing Verdict Misrepresented
  • Exclusive: Sixth Annual Rock Concert Safety Survey Report overview
  • Marilyn Manson Book Tour Comes to Town: A Day in the Life of a Security Guard
  • The Nightmare That is Hillsborough
  • Intermission: Jerry Springer
  • And more!

Jan/Feb 1998

  • Exclusive: Chicago Club Hosting Rolling Stones Had Safety Violations
  • Neo-Nazi Concert Turns Riotous in Sweden
  • Oasis Seek Shelter from the Crowd
  • Laser Pens Enter Concert Scene
  • U2 Tour Staff Beaten at Mexico City Gig
  • Paradise Club Closed; Faces Lawsuit
  • Motley Crue Provoke Confrontations
  • Expert Opinion: Kim A. Lovejoy of Lovejoy Controls Corp. on "Ways To Stop Concert Induced Hearing Loss"
  • And more!

Nov/Dec 1997

  • Fan dies at Rolling Stones gig
  • Court TV revisits Christopher Mitchell case
  • Rock Safety Database: "Mayhem Marketing"
  • U.S. Pro football players injury fan after stage diving
  • Was Bran Gavin's death mosh-related?
  • Metallica settles before start of high profile trial
  • On Site: Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam in California
  • Too few exits lead to seven deaths
  • And more!

Sept/Oct 1997

  • Five fans killed at South American concert
  • Expert Opinion: John Fruin Ph.D. on a Grateful Dead crowd safety litigation lesson
  • Prodigy, security rescue fans
  • Rage Against the Machine and Wu-Tang Clan tour of disorder
  • Rock Safety Database: Deady violence at street festivals
  • Anti-moshing legislation in the U.S.
  • Trouble surrounds Phish tours
  • 48 Hours to organize: Funeral for Diana, Princess of Wales, puts British stewards/security to the test
  • And more!

July/Aug 1997

  • Teen girl dies in festival seating/mosh pit
  • Expert Opinion: Mick Upton of ShowSec International on licensing private security
  • Seven indicted for role in concert tragedy
  • Trends: Projectiles and solutions
  • Internet resources you need to know
  • On Site: Blockbuster Rockfest '97 and Tibetan Freedom Festival '97
  • Rock Safety Database: Concert deaths 1992-96
  • And more!

A powerful safety tool, unique in the world...

Rock Safety Database™

Now, you can learn if a band has a history of concert trouble before it plays your town. If you're involved in concert public safety, the Rock Safety Database™ (RSD) will help you plan more effectively and, if necessary, help provide backup data you need to justify additional safety precautions, staffing or equipment.

The Rock Safety Database™, developed by Crowd Management Strategies, is the only database in the world that tracks concert and festival crowd management problems and issues. The database covers crowd safety problems and issues from 1952 to the present and is continuously updated using a multitude of sources. It is a powerful planning tool with a reputation for accuracy. The Rock Safety Database™ gives you inside information on crowd management problems that others may not want you to know; or don't know themselves.

Accessing the RSD is only a phone call, e-mail or fax transmission away, seven days a week. Information searches and one-page custom Briefs can be sent around the world within 24 hours or via faster emergency service as quick as one hour. The Rock Safety Database tracks concert and festival safety issues and problems world wide yet its services are just a minor part of your concert and festival planning budget.

If you have questions about the Rock Safety Database, e-mail your your question(s) along with your name, address, and company/organization to: 

Request Database Searchs By:
  • Artist/Festival
  • Music Type
  • Event Type
  • Venue/Site
  • City/County
  • Incident Type
  • Date
  • Casualties/Property Damage
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Litigation
If you are
in concert

need the

Rock Safety DatabaseServices:
  • Search
    A complete database search to identify the existence of item(s) requested
  • List
    A listing of retrievals of one item based on three search terms
  • Brief
    A one page or more custom report of an incident with summary.
  • Annual Subscription
    This provides unlimited free searches and more.
  • Consulting
    Data analysis and special reports available.
  • Emergency Services
    As fast as 1 hour

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