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Tour Name:
Date: 1/31/2000
City: Chicago, IL
Country: Aragon Ballroom
Venue: Aragon Ballroom
Position: Fan
Promoter: Jam Productions
Security: Safety Service Systems
Band Performance: 90% Too short in my opinion
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80% Aragon drowns out a lot of sound
Sound Quality (Vocals): 70% Aragon eats vocals for dinner
Lighting: Unbelievable. Best light show going right now bes

Size: 3000?
Age/Crowd Type: Late teens - early 30's/laid back fun crowd
Crowd Activity: NONE
Participation: 50% Not enough dancing, but hey people were tired from
Price: $33 after Ticketbastard
Design Quality: 0%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None

My only problem with this show, besides its short length, was the rude and unorganized security after the show. I do not expect people to be shouting swear words trying to get me to leave when THEIR coat check line is backed up with an hour delay. Soon after the house light came on, the sweeping of the cups began. In just a few minutes they were already up to the boards and trying to get everyone to leave the upsatirs area (even though they had no problem taking you money for beer still). The problem was once you got to the stairwell heading down it was a virtual standstill. You could see below that 100's of fan were in line to retrieve their coat this wintery evening. They just had no common sense and instead of letting people have a beer and PATIENTLY wait for the coat check line to shrink, they rudely forced everyone into this line. This is just irritating because after paying good money for a ticket and then a few more dollars to stash the coat, you would expect a little friendlier service. But I guess all these meathead bouncers are just as rude as the last one and they definitely do no understand the dynamics of concert related traffic (lines, etc.)

Total Cost: Ticket only plus $3 coat check = $36
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