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Tour Name: edgefest 2001
Date: 7/1/2001
City: barrie ontario
Country: molson park
Venue: molson park
Promoter: edge 102
Band Performance: 100% tool was sooooo amazing! they are by far the best
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% the sound was perfect! it blew everyone away!
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% maynard was awsome! better live than on cd!!
Lighting: really trippy
Production: everything ruled!

Size: moe than 35 thousand
Age/Crowd Type: from about 14 to 40!
Crowd Activity: the pit was insane!
Participation: 50% i was in the pit for a couple of bands before but
Price: tickets were $52 each...but the food was soooo exp
Design Quality: 100% i loved the whole show...everything was great!
Scanned Image: http://ya i dunno what this means
Injuries: no serious ones
Trophies: huh?

that was an amazing concert! all the bands did really well. bif naked was the only one that wasnt great, she still put on a good show though, gob was Awsome! finger eleven was amazing!!!!!, 3 doors down, big wreck, tea party (not too fond of them but they are good live)were all great too
and of course TOOL was the best!! they were soooo good! i havent talked to one person yet that didnt think they did amazing! maynard is insane but he writes primo music. their pit was so crazy that when i looked down at it all i could see was bodies everywhere! i was glad i wasnt in the middle of that pit! and i dunno what else to say...oh ya the fire works after were kickin!
im definitly going next year!

Total Cost: about $150 but that's including 2 tickets and foo
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