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Warped Tour 2001: Rancid
Tour Name: Warped Tour 2001
Date: 6/30/2001
City: San Fransisco
Security: A few policemen
Band Performance: 60%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 50%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 60%
Lighting: sun

Size: 20,000
Age/Crowd Type: teens
Crowd Activity: some
Participation: 90%
Price: around 30
Design Quality: 70%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: yes

The Warped Tour was pretty good although there were a few scary moments. The first band I went to was AFI where people were moshing like crazy and I saw a guy next to me with blood gurshing out of his ear and another girl with a bloody nose. I being just under 5 feet was thrown around quite a bit by the crowd and a crowd surfer landed on my head unexpectedly which hurt a lot, but I stayed for the whole thing. Then a while later I went to Rancid which is one of my favorite bands, intending to hear their music. But unfortuntely, I was comfronted by even worse moshing. I was thrown around and drushed between people 2 to 3 times my weight and I felt like I couldnt breathe. I finally decided that my situation was unsafe so I left my friends and shoved my way through the chaotic crowd to the steps where I was able to enjoy the music from a safe distance.

Total Cost: 3$ on water, 4$ on frozen lemonade and 3$ on a pre
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