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kottonmouth kings
too rude
Tour Name: blaze on america
Date: 7/30/1999
City: toledo, ohio
Country: main event
Venue: main event
Position: right up front
Promoter: i dunno
Security: 10 club bouncers
Band Performance: 100%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100%
Lighting: it was ok
Production: it was kewl

Size: 500?
Age/Crowd Type: teens
Crowd Activity: crazy!
Participation: 100% in that pit the whole time
Price: $10
Design Quality: 10% it looked like a carnival ticket, we paid at the d
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: bruises and groped

Well let's just say that the main event is TINY! The concert was bad ass though so it was worth it. I am a girl and 5'4 so most people don't except me to be into moshing but I love it! I can take the punches and the jabs and everything else. This was probably one of the craziest pits because the place was so small and it was like 150 degrees in there. I was drenched in sweat and felt like I was going to pass out. I was right up front the whole time, Saint jumped in the crowd like 3 times and he kept giving us the mic. They didn't play pimptwist which bummed me out but Saint later told me that it was becuz the other girls were "trash" hehe. Overall the show was kewl and If you're going in a pit, be prepared! If you're being messed with sexually a swift elbow or kick to the groin always works for me! and just cuz we're girlies doesn't mean we can't mosh with the big boys :) the end

Total Cost: $30
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