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New Found Glory and Good Charlotte
The Getaway and Less Than Jake
Tour Name: The Civic Tour
Date: 4/19/2003
City: Mississauga
Country: Arrow Hall (International Centre)
Venue: Arrow Hall (International Centre)
Band Performance: 100% New Found Glory and Less Than Jake stole the show!
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90% It was good but could have been better.
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100%

Size: Huge
Age/Crowd Type: teenagers with the occasional middle aged person/"punks"
Crowd Activity: moshing, pogo-ing, crowd surfing
Participation: 100% Everyone was into it.
Price: $36.75 (Cdn)
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: semi-concussion

It was an awesome show and the people were great. I went crowd surfing for the first time during NFG's set and it was an amazing feeling, so I had to do it again during their last song. But after about 3 seconds, I went head-first onto the concrete floor. The people around me were really nice by helping me up and asking if I was okay, but the feeling afterwards wasn't too good. I ended up throwing up all day during the next day and my head was sore for a couple of days. But even with that, it was a wicked experience.

Total Cost: $60.00
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