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Van's Warped Tour
Tour Name: Van's Warped Tour
Date: 8/2/2003
City: Barrie, Ontario
Country: Molson Park
Venue: Molson Park
Promoter: Juicy Fruit
Band Performance: 90%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 70%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 80%

Size: depends on the band
Age/Crowd Type: <20, with some parents/punks etc...
Crowd Activity: moshing, pogo-ing, crowd surfing
Participation: 90%
Price: $44.50
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: none

It was a pretty good show but once again, Less Than Jake stole the whole show. LTJ always has fun sets and this one was definitely one of them. The Warped Tour has a bunch of stages near each other, so when LTJ was playing, Rancid was on the next stage, and on the last song, the LTJ crowd combined with the Rancid crowd for an all-out mosh pit. In my opinion, it was scary as hell. Being 5'3" and being pushed around in a circle with tall and heavy people and not being able to breathe. I'm taking this one to the old age home.

Total Cost: $20.00 (T-shirt), $3.00 (ice cream), $2 (patch and button)
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