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Ozzfest 2004; YJ Stinger FYE Hot Topic Jagermeister Miller Tama Ibanez Sony Playstation2
Ozzy Osbourne Judas Priest Slayer Dimmu Borgir Superjoint Ritual Black Label Society Slipknot Hatebreed Lamb of God Atreyu Bleeding Through Lacuna Coil Every Time I Die Unearth God Forbid Otep DevilDriver Magna Fi Throwdown Darkest Hour
Tour Name: ozz fest 2004
Date: 7/14/2004
City: Wantagh, NY
Country: Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Venue: Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Position: sect orch e row hh seat 10
Promoter: yj stinger
Security: not shown
Band Performance: 100% all the bands put on a great show
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80% some of the Instruments would over power others on the 2nd stage
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% everyone played great there sing was perfect
Lighting: 2nd stage had no lights but main stage was a good light show
Production: simple and clean not much
Size: to mant to count
Age/Crowd Type: from the age of 9 to 60 ive seen about an y type of person in america there
Crowd Activity: mosh pits sing a lone claping jumping alot
Participation: 100% it was great
Price: 87.50
Design Quality: 0% i dont know
Scanned Image: http://????? no scanner
Injuries: there wer mostle sprained ankes and bloody nose from the pits but that is usal when u got to real rock concert not crappy good charrlote or this so called rock pop were u see mostly girl scream and cryin cuz they love the band
Trophies: none everyone is equal

this was a great show its about time ozz fest didnt have girly band on like linkin park and Blink182, Good Charlotte, NewFoundGlory, Sum41, Simple Plan, Project Wyze, Millencolin, Good Ridance, Planet Smashers,Jimmy Eat World those are not reall rock concerts

Total Cost: food 25.00 on big giant hot dogs and a big giant soda for 2 ppl so about 12 50 for each person
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