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Blink182/No doubt.
Tour Name: n/a
Date: 6/13/2004
City: tinley park, IL
Country: Tweeter Center.
Venue: Tweeter Center.
Position: pit seats.
Promoter: Clear Channel Entertainment, I guess (the armed forces were recruiting next to the cheese pretzel stand)
Security: the shirts were yellow, the men were fat.
Band Performance: 90% Blink can be really cold live.. this was one of their better shows.
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80% it's tweeter center. so an 80% for tweeter is a 50 compared to the aragon (smalller Chicago concert hall).
Sound Quality (Vocals): 80% see above.
Lighting: nothing amazing.. decent stage setup.

Size: the seats were filled with a large capacity in the lawn area.
Age/Crowd Type: 10-50...
Crowd Activity: rather laid back compared to other shows.
Participation: 80% lots of singing along,
Price: $50+
Design Quality: 20% could be the best damn design in the world, a $9 convenience charge would still look shitty!
Scanned Image: http://
Trophies: just my

Blink has long been one of my favorite bands despite the lack of true musical talent (aside from travis). The catch is that when they play live they can be.. just bad! However, this wasn't one of those instances they were absolutely amazing. The opening band (whose name escapes me) did a great job of getting the crowd ready. Old tricks like standing on your upright bass while playing it, using a beer bottle as a slide for your guitar, and plentiful solo's have long been forgotten. No doubt, who i've never seen before did nothing less than shock me. By far one of the "coolest" bands to see live. Gwen has some great showmanship qualities that i really didn't expect going into it. She had the crowd all "pogo-ing" to a few choice songs, and her cover of The Cars "it's my life" was a fun addition to their set list. Now before i go into blinks performance... the seats. For this show they removed the first few rows and created a pit area seperated by small gates and fences. Not a bad idea, but rather hilarious with the "enter at your own risk" bands they made you wear upon getting into the pit. I felt like i was selling my soul while the goofy looking kid behind a folding table struggled to wrap this lawyers' dream around my wrist. The lineup brought out all types of folks which is what i love about these shows. You'll see a 10 year old with a blue mohawk standing next to his "soccer mom", who is looking at all the concert whores with wide eyes. Oh yes, concert whores! That's the beauty of concerts... you get a nice cross-section of skanks, whores, and trailer trash showing off what they dont have. Now for blink, hot damn i loved it! They played a solid set, with very little chatter which they're all too famous for. New and old songs, along with a nice 15-20 minute montage (spelling?) of alot of their older hits running into eachother. A nice touch! The pit was nothing..After surviving the likes of slipknot, system of a down, and KoRN.. The 15-25 year olds with attitude problems dont bother me much. Pit hospitality on the other hand was absolutely lost, since when do you bring your guitar shaped beer cup into the pit with you? idiots. i was about 10 feet from the front of the stage keeping the pit from engulfing me and my smaller female friend. There were a few jackasses in the pit thrashing about like spiders in a toilet. Personally, i had to inflict a bit of discomfort on those who tried to damper my experience. One unlucky soul who was running into the sides of the pit swinging his arms and almost hitting me didn't expect me to move out of his way and trip his tiny self to the ground. Nothing like concrete and beer to give somebody a reality check. Another unlucky soul (with guitar beer in hand) who decided it'd be fun to knock into my female friend almost taking her to the ground. I normally am not violent at these events, but this jerk was going too far pouring his beer over everying... he got punched.. deserved it.. and stood with arms crossed the rest of the show. Back to blink... Thank god for travis's solo.. He had a broken right leg and played the entire show using only his left foot. That's impressive no matter what you think of them. All in all i'd say they made me listen to every album all over again and appreciate the connection with my inner 15-year old self even more.

Total Cost: too damn much.
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