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green day
my chemical romance
Tour Name: american idiot
Date: 5/14/2005
City: kansas city
Position: upper balcony
Band Performance: 100%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 70%
Lighting: bright

Size: big
Age/Crowd Type: young/and older
Crowd Activity: alot
Participation: 100%
Price: $36
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://

it was so fun! The crowd was very active and excited, u could tell their was alot of energy there. I'm so jelous of that kid how got Bille Joe's guitar. My dad was at the concert with me, so it was a little weird when Bille started to masturbate- i hope thats how you spell that word. Other then that it was so freaking awosome.

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