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Judas Priest
Tour Name: Angel of Retribution
Date: 6/8/2005
City: Manchester, NH
Country: Verizon Wireless Center
Venue: Verizon Wireless Center
Position: Up front, than about 12 rows back
Promoter: Ticketmaster
Security: Nazi control-freaks
Band Performance: 100% If anyone has seen old concert videos of priest in the 70s/80s, it was just like that.
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% I could feel my whole body shake with every note!
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% It was closer to 1000% Rob Halford was totally on!!
Lighting: Insane! To mush of a range to describe
Production: Exellent

Size: I don't know, but the place was packed
Age/Crowd Type: Ranged from 8 to 65, mostly metalheads like myself, or bikers
Crowd Activity: Standing up, stoked to see the show
Participation: 100% No pits or crowd surfing, but everyone was rocking out
Price: $45
Design Quality: 50% A ticket's a ticket. I was more excited about seeing Priest
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None
Trophies: T-shirt, wristband, great experience, hearing loss

I was really close. Priest is the same live as on the CDs: Totally awesome!!!! The cheer could have blown the roof off when Halford took the Harley on to the stage during Hellbent for leather. JUDAS PRIEST RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Cost: $100
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