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none worth mentioning
Tour Name: Does T ever have a tour name?
Date: 9/18/2006
City: chicago
Country: Allstate Arena
Venue: Allstate Arena
Position: second level, to the right of the stage
Promoter: JAM
Security: arena security/rosemont police
Band Performance: 90% May was sick, minus 10% for phlegm
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90% minus 10% for being louder than any other show
Sound Quality (Vocals): 80% phlegm
Lighting: Illuminating
Production: produced

Size: packed
Age/Crowd Type: old enough to drink, young enough to think it's cool
Crowd Activity: fist pumping lots of it
Participation: 80%
Price: 65
Design Quality: 10%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: does emotional scarring at the site of a 50 yr old with pierced nipples count?
Trophies: Sense of self worth after not spending 6.75 for a bud light

TOOL as may as well just begin every show with the clear statement. "Hello, we have the best musicians in rock right now." They will always impress with their talent. Even being ILL the vocals didn't seems to suffer very much (they had to cancel shows in previous weeks). By far the most entertainment came from the crowd for me. I've reached the IQ where I now know that when I goto a show that I paid $65 for I want to remember every last detail. That being said, I also know how few of us there are. The individual in front of me (seen downing a bottle of whiskey during the show) showed off his skills at air guitar, air bass, air drums, and even the much over looked art of the elevated hand-slap to enthused neighbors. His performance rivaled that of the band. I also got a great view of the moshpit, nothing too spectacular. Or was there? To date, this is the first time I've ever seen somebody trying to tap out every drumbeat in the air with glowsticks! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOSHPIT... I'll give him credit for trying, but the other pit inhabitants did not seem as amazed by this, and proceeded to whip him like dominatrix... oh well. My ears are still ringing, and lets face it if you've seen one TOOL show you've seen them all.. bravo gentlemen.

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Review submitted Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:14:26 AM by Adam Hall ( )

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