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The Rolling Stones
Tour Name: A Bigger Bang
Date: 10/11/2006
City: chicago, IL
Country: Soldier Field
Venue: Soldier Field
Position: Field Level, to the rear
Promoter: Radioshack
Security: soldier field
Band Performance: 80% it was f'n cold
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 80% heroin, one hell of a drug.
Lighting: excellent!
Production: excellent!


Size: large
Age/Crowd Type: 10-70
Crowd Activity: shivering...
Participation: 70% cold...
Price: COMP
Design Quality: 0%
Scanned Image: http://

Well if nothing else seeing The Rolling Stones is one more thing to take off of my lifes' "todo" list. Whoever said they should pack it up since they're too old was obviously not at Soldier Field last night. First, let me get into the mood, it was BLOODY COLD! Almost froze my bollucks off. One of the best light shows I've ever seen, complete crowd envolvement, and I was even more impressed to see the old men run from side to side of their enormous stage to get people into it. I could make a laundry list of the songs I wanted to hear that they didn't play, but instead I'll say that they've earned the right to play whatever F'n songs they want. As long as they can roll their caskets into an arena, there will be fans packing the seats to hear them play. Now, I'm happy to say I'll be one of them.

Total Cost: Nothing, comp tickets, friends with beer.
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