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Americans, multi event venue
Tour Name: YouthAlive
Date: 9/1/2007
City: Sydney
Country: Olympic Park
Venue: Olympic Park
Position: punter
Promoter: Youth Alive N.S.W.
Security: ASS
Band Performance: novalue% 'Switchfoot'h.liner
Sound Quality (Instruments): novalue%
Sound Quality (Vocals): novalue%
Lighting: adequate
Production: great

Size: min. 13,000
Age/Crowd Type: av.21, 50-50 M & F
Crowd Activity: medium to high
Participation: novalue%
Price: Aus $35
Design Quality: novalue% too plain, easy to forge
Scanned Image: http://pro guide+program
Injuries: not noticed
Trophies: plenty small freebies

First Music/Fun Venue I've been in 40 years without seeing one (yes,1!) person intoxicated, or drugged. Lot's of typical crazy acts by young punters having lots-of-fun, but endangering nobody
-all 10 hrs long! Seen no Police but plenty of young 'Vol-Un-Teens'.Hardly any mess on the grounds, orderly arrival & departure...
Yes, I've checked my eyesight - its v.good!
Conclussion: it can be done! in this rough age, by & for young ones...(something to do with Christian attitudes, may be...)

Total Cost: $20
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