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Straight No Chaser
Tour Name: Gettysburg Festival
Date: 6/10/2011
City: Gettysburg, PA
Country: Gettysburg College
Venue: Gettysburg College
Position: Lawn Chair Section
Promoter: Straight No Chaser
Security: Gettysburg Festival Volunteers
Band Performance: 100% Fantastic voices! Very entertaining/funny.
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% The instruments were the guys in the group. Bass beats were great.
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% The harmonies were unbelievable!
Lighting: The singers were visible the entire time. Mood lighting involved.
Production: Everything went very smoothly. Balance between talking and singing was good.

Size: 2,000
Age/Crowd Type: All ages-young school kids up to the elderly.
Crowd Activity: Very well behaved; lots of pictures being taken. Very respectful crowd.
Participation: 90% Lots of singing, some clapping involved.
Price: $25
Design Quality: 70% Some were online printouts; others were plain tickets with details written on them.
Scanned Image: http://There were no pictures on the tickets.
Injuries: N/A
Trophies: N/A

These guys had a fantastic concert: they told jokes, sang a lot and just had an overall good time onstage, which of course translated to the crowd having a good time. Phenomenal harmonies and great songs changed up for the group. Some of the songs that night were to be sung live in concert for the last time.

Total Cost: $0
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