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The Offspring
The Living End/Ozomotli
Tour Name: Americana
Date: 4/10/1999
City: Fairfax, VA
Country: Patriot Center
Venue: Patriot Center
Position: Stands/Pit
Promoter: ?
Security: ?
Band Performance: 100% Amazing show. I loved it.
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% Awesome
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% Again, awesome
Lighting: Very cool. Flashed thoughout the show and really


Size: Pretty big
Age/Crowd Type: Mostly kids, of both sex
Crowd Activity: none
Participation: 100% everyone in the pit rocked out. it was very fun.
Price: dont remember
Design Quality: 50% Its a frekkin ticketmaster ticket, does it MATTER?
Scanned Image:
Injuries: my shoelaces were all but destroyed. nothing else,
Trophies: what?

Everyone was very nice, and enjoying themselves. The pit was wild, but would help you up when need be. No one wanted to see someone get hurt, and was just there for fun, which it was. I guess the drunks and the violent ones decided to stay at home that night.

Total Cost: Not much. Bought a T-Shirt, but thats all...aroun
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