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Venus in Furs
Tour Name:
Date: 2/28/1999
City: Pittsburgh, Pa
Country: Metropol
Venue: Metropol
Position: The Pit
Promoter: Dicesare Engler
Security: ummmmmmmm ? yes?
Band Performance: 100% They gave 200% to their fans.
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% Amir's and Ryan's guitars, Paige's bass, and Bobby
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% Jay's voice put me into a trance it was so beautif
Lighting: It was cool with the strobes and stuff.
Production: Great all around.

Size: A sold out show. Lots and Lots of screaming fans.
Age/Crowd Type: Ranged from Tiny tots to middle aged people. Main
Crowd Activity: Not really.
Participation: 100% Everyone danced/jumped/moshed/singed/screamed to t
Price: 6.50
Design Quality: 100% boring ticket master crap however the members of o
Scanned Image: got all of their signatures except Jay's which m
Injuries: Ummmm.....Maybe a few bruises here and there feste
Trophies: ? My ticket....?

I love Orgy. After battling my way up to the front of the stage I blessed my eyes with a perfect view of all five members. I prayed the music would never stop. When it was all over I waited anxiously to see them by the side doors. They taunted us by peeking through the windows. Finally they came out and signed stuff. They are so nice and caring to their fans. Ryan is really funny and I think the most social with us fans. I hope one day I can have a great band like them.

Total Cost: $25 (I think)
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