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Faithless, DJs Heavy G, Sister Bliss
Tour Name: The Big Nite Out
Date: 3/24/1999
City: Johannesburg
Country: MTN sundome
Venue: MTN sundome
Position: All over the place
Promoter: Peter Stuyvesant Productions
Security: can't rmember
Band Performance: 100% I just looooooove prodigy
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80% bass a touch too high
Sound Quality (Vocals): 60% so so
Lighting: Very funky
Production: impressive to say the least

Size: 15000 +
Age/Crowd Type: 15 - 28
Crowd Activity: none at all
Participation: 90% lots o dancin and general mayhem :)
Price: R130
Design Quality: 40% plain tickets bleeegh!
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: couple of bruises
Trophies: Sold out before I got there

This was a pretty awesome concert. We don't get many international bands here in SA so when they do come its pretty big. Anyways I had a blast

Total Cost: R250
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