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Tour Name:
Date: 2/5/1999
City: Bend, Or
Country: roshambo
Venue: roshambo
Band Performance: 100%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100%

Size: 300
Age/Crowd Type: 21-30
Crowd Activity: yes!!
Participation: 100%
Price: 3.00
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: 2

the band rosey is a four piece. They have A female lead singer. The singer and the guitarist are brother and sister and the singer and the drummer are husband and wife. They all used to live in So. Cal. and then moved up to Bend, OR. The two people were injured separately. One fell over onto a table during the mosh pit and the second one fell on beer on the floor during the mosh pit. I've never been to a show of theirs where the cops weren't called at least once. They really raise the roof!! Thanks for publishing my review of this band. I hope to see them on the national circuit someday!!

Total Cost:
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