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Widespread Panic
Tour Name:
Date: 5/3/1998
City: Iowa City, IA
Country: Outdoor Stage
Venue: Outdoor Stage
Position: In the lawn (no seats) & backstage
Promoter: SCOPE Productions
Security: Safety Service Sysrems
Band Performance: 100%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100%
Lighting: Nothing too technical, but enjoyable and perfect t
Production: Great

Size: About 4,000 fans
Age/Crowd Type: College students/Young adults
Crowd Activity: Minimal-None
Participation: 80% There was plenty of room to dance or just throw do
Price: 15
Design Quality: 0% Boring standard ticketmaster ticket
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None to my knowledge

Perfect weather helped this event be a succesful one. A temporary covered outdoor stage was set up with full lighting rigs and sound. The perimeter of the park had 15' tarps forming walls to prevent sneaking in as well as sneaking a peak. It also muffled the sound outside of the venue to promote ticket sales. The was a no reentry policy to prevent any 'stubbing in' of ticketless fans. No alcohol was sold at the event, however, the local bars were packed with anticipating fans before the show. I briefly talked to the head of security for the show and asked him what their concern was. He said, "we don't want any body-surfing or moshing here." He went on to say that they were confiscating any glass bottles or alcohol they saw. WSP fans are quite laid back and know how to enjoy a show. This helped make this a very enjoyable, peaceful, and musically superior event. Nice job SCOPE Productions.

Total Cost: $25
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