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Cold - Limp Bizkit
Tour Name:
Date: 5/23/1998
City: Amsterdam
Country: Melkweg
Venue: Melkweg
Position: In Front
Promoter: The MAX
Security: In-house
Band Performance: 100% PERFECT
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% Great
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% SUPER!!!
Lighting: very good
Production: even better


Size: Not so big!!!
Age/Crowd Type: +18
Crowd Activity: NONE
Participation: 0% There was no fight!
Price: Fl 25,-
Design Quality: 90% COOL!!!
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: NONE
Trophies: NONE

I think the concert was very good, but the other bands which were in the show before Soulfly,THEY SUCKED totally.

Total Cost: 50,-
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Review submitted Thu Jun 11 01:45:01 CDT 1998\n by Maxx ( )

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