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Violent Femmes
Tour Name:
Date: 10/9/1997
City: Lyle, IL
Country: Benedictine University
Venue: Benedictine University
Position: I kept moving
Promoter: the university
Security: university staff
Band Performance: 60%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 50%
Sound Quality (Vocals): novalue%
Lighting: small light rig
Production: simple stage in gym

Size: basketball gym with bleachers out
Age/Crowd Type: all ages; 12-25 yrs
Crowd Activity: none
Participation: 40%
Price: $20.00
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None for me
Trophies: None

When colleges or universities put on shows they try to suck all the money out of the concertgoers' pockets. It was very hot and they charged $2.00 for a little dixie cup of coke. They charged $5.00 to park. There was a padded area in front of the stage I think this made the crowd body surfing and moshing a lot more than they would have if there was no padding on the floor. Security was more interested in the backsides of the teenage girls than any kind of security. I have seen this band 6 times. This show was the worst one. The best show was at the Park West, Chicago, Illinois.

Total Cost: $10.00
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