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Rolling Stones
Pearl Jam
Tour Name: Bridges to Babylon
Date: 11/18/1997
City: Oakland
Country: Oakland Colisseum
Venue: Oakland Colisseum
Position: Lower Level, stage right
Promoter: Bill Graham Presents
Security: Bill Graham Presents
Band Performance: 100% This was first Stones experience--an incredible ni
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100% Awesome sound for a stadium venue.
Sound Quality (Vocals): 90%
Lighting: Stage-superior light show (especially during the S
Production: Awesome--especially live editing on the three larg


Size: Approx. 50,000
Age/Crowd Type: mixed
Crowd Activity: zero
Participation: 80% Mick Jagger said this was the best audience on the
Price: $65
Design Quality: 30% Nothing special--no different than a sporting cont
Scanned Image: http://n/a
Injuries: zero that I am aware of.
Trophies: I grabbed a few of the \"Please Don't Stand on the

I strongly encourage you to see this show. Pearl Jam gave a strong one hour mixed-set of new tunes (sounds hot) and classics (place went nuts when Eddie was chanting out "Jeremy's Spoken...). Particularly cool moment when E. Vedder took off his rain gear (which he tossed out into the audience) and performed the remainder of the show in the rain--which was heavy at times. I was surprised at the energy and power of the Rolling Stones show. It began at 9:15pm and lasted until 11:30pm w/one musical encore (Jumpin' Jack Flash) and a second pyrotechnical encore. They too mixed in some of the new songs from their new album (good stuff), a few Keith Richards lead vocals, and a ton of the great old stuff. Lots of interaction w/ the crowd including ramps and a spectular retractable bridge which allowed the band to cross over the audience to a small stage located in the center of the floor level. They walked through the crowd to get back to the main stage, also a great personal touch. The lighting, large screens, pyrotechnics, sound, and costumes (featuring extra long jackets ala 1960's and gold and silver lame jackets) were all top notch. Particularly impressive was the live editing onto the large screens--especially the massive circular center screen used for the Stones only. SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Total Cost: $20
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