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Tour Name: Test for Echo
Date: 7/1/1997
City: Bonner Springs, Kansas
Country: Sandstone Ampitheater
Venue: Sandstone Ampitheater
Position: 20th row, center (by the mixing board!)
Security: Heavy. One or two at every intersection of walkwa
Band Performance: 70% Time marches on, eh?
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 80%
Lighting: Very Good.

Size: Big crowd.
Age/Crowd Type: Gen-X and older. A few new fans.
Crowd Activity: Not much. Kansas is like that...
Participation: novalue%
Price: 37.50
Design Quality: 10% Generic crap. I like the tickets from Germany!
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None.
Trophies: None.

Technically, the show was good. The sound was exceptional. I'll have to admit a lot of it depended on nostalgia though. I took a couple of friends who hadn't heard the band, and they were not impressed. While a complete performance of 2112 was memorable. A few tunes were noticeably under tempo compared to the album versions. And when Neil Peart showed up on one of the many large video screens, it really looked like he was working! We left early. I didn't stay for the drum solo.

Total Cost: $60 US
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