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Bad Religion
special guest No Fun At All
Tour Name: Grey Race
Date: 1/1/2000
City: Stuttgart
Country: Messe Kongresszentrum B
Venue: Messe Kongresszentrum B
Position: front row, center-left
Band Performance: 90%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 60%
Lighting: Standard

Age/Crowd Type: <20,mostly Punks and Heavy Metalists
Crowd Activity: Extremely rough, not angry though
Participation: 90%
Price: 36 DM
Design Quality: novalue% poor, orange paper, red print.
Scanned Image: http://Ticket got lost due to heavy audience participatio
Injuries: Hip-Bone rashes, 48h High pitch hearing loss.
Trophies: None, (I would have liked one of these cool guitar

Total Cost:
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