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Trochtelfinger Festival
Coalminers Beat and New Model Army
Tour Name:
Date: 8/29/1996
City: Mägerkingen
Position: rear
Band Performance: 80%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 90%
Lighting: quite good for a Festival like that; had vario-spo

Age/Crowd Type: mixed/mostly alternative, kids from the region
Crowd Activity:
Participation: novalue% cool, there were people standing on other peoples
Price: 37 DM
Design Quality: 60% greenish paper, red print
Scanned Image:
Injuries: None, 12h high pitch hearing loss
Trophies: None

Lots of interesting things to buy, e.g. green/yellow/red bob-marley-hats with dreadlocks already attached.

Total Cost:
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