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Special Guest: Mr. Big
Tour Name: Get A Grip
Date: 11/22/1993
Country: Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Bad Canstatt
Venue: Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Bad Canstatt
Position: middle, sitting on wave-breaker
Band Performance: 90% they're old, but extremely fit!
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 90%
Lighting: Great

Age/Crowd Type: mixed, lots of late twenties
Crowd Activity: almost none
Participation: 80%
Price: 47 DM
Design Quality: 60% cool logo, but nothing more.
Scanned Image:
Injuries: None
Trophies: None

First I thought Mr Big where whimps, because both their hits were ballads, but they really rock!

Total Cost:
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Review submitted Sat Aug 9 00:13:56 CDT 1997\n by Mark Weikinger ( )

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