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Counting Crows
Tour Name:
Date: 5/20/2000
City: Madison, WI
Country: Dane County Expo Center
Venue: Dane County Expo Center
Position: Seats to the side of stage
Promoter: Frank/Belkin
Security: ?
Band Performance: 80%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% Great vocals.
Lighting: Fine
Production: Average


Size: 5,000 to 10,000
Age/Crowd Type: teens and early twenties
Crowd Activity: none
Participation: 20% Some crowd surfing; no moshing
Price: 25.00
Design Quality: novalue% Boring. Typical Ticketmaster ticket
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: None
Trophies: None

I liked this show, because I could hear the lyrics which is pretty rare at arena shows in my experience. My favorite song was the cover of Springsteen's Thunder Road. A great song. We took seats on the side of the stage instead of standing in the floor. The floor was 2/3 full. There wasn't any moshing but there was some crowd surfing. I saw security pull a surfer over the front barrier, but I don't think they could reach most of them as they were too far back in the crowd. At one point in the show, Adam told the audience, "Proper crowd surfing ettiquitte is to keep your feet up so that you don't hit the person in front of you in the head. My mom's friend is out there somewhere. If I find you hit her in the head, I'm going to come and get you." You couldn't drink alcohol unless you stayed in the beer garden and then you missed the show.

Total Cost: 0
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