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Papa Roach/Powerman5000
Tour Name: Sick and Twisted
Date: 7/24/2000
City: Winnipeg,MB,
Country: Winnipeg Arena
Venue: Winnipeg Arena
Position: Floor/Moshpit
Promoter: Select-A-Seat
Security: Techno Security 2001
Band Performance: 100% Korn ruled!
Sound Quality (Instruments): 90% Wasn't loud enough!
Sound Quality (Vocals): 100% Johnathon Davis can really sing
Lighting: Awsome
Production: Great, stage set up was really cool.

Size: 10 000 to 12 000
Age/Crowd Type: 13-25, some 13 year old with thier 40 year old par
Crowd Activity: Just some circle pits involving 5 guys. I saw one
Participation: 90% A good pit with a few crowdsurfers but nothing com
Price: $53.00
Design Quality: 0% I don't know, it was a printed ticket that said ko
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: My friend got a black eye
Trophies: what?

This was an awsome show. Papa Roach were great but thier
set was way to short. Powerman5000 was very dissapointing,
they need to worry less about sounding identical to
thier cd(IE:playing every little blip and beep of the disk)and
pay more attention to just ripping it up on stage.
They also needed to turn up the sound system. I could
actually talk to my friends right next to me with out
yelling very loud.
The pit was pretty cool. Mostly pogoing and a few shitty
circle pits broke out but they were mainly 5 - 10 guys beating
the shit out of eachother.

Total Cost: 40 bones
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