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3rd Eye Blind
Vertical Horizon
Tour Name:
Date: 7/1/2000
City: Lansing, MI
Country: Riverfront Park
Venue: Riverfront Park
Promoter: General Motors
Band Performance: 100%
Sound Quality (Instruments): 100%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 90%
Lighting: good, but half of the concert was during the day

Size: small
Age/Crowd Type: young teens
Crowd Activity: very mild
Participation: 70%
Price: 23
Design Quality: novalue%
Scanned Image: http://

This was a pretty mild concert, of course you must consider the bands. There was a couple of teens that tried to mosh, but looked like complete morons and eventually realized it and quit. It was a pretty good concert though, nothing major happened, a good show

Total Cost: 23
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