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Tour Name:
Date: 8/15/2000
City: Darien Center, NY
Country: Darien Lake PAC
Venue: Darien Lake PAC
Position: Second Section, Center
Band Performance: 90% Both acts were great, but STP really rocked!
Sound Quality (Instruments): 80%
Sound Quality (Vocals): 70% There were times when you couldn't hear everything
Lighting: Great, both acts used a lot of lighting effects

Age/Crowd Type: Varied,
Crowd Activity: None that I know of
Participation: 90%
Price: $50
Design Quality: 20% Standard Ticketmaster ticket
Scanned Image: http://
Injuries: Not sure...
Trophies: none...

The show was awesome. Fishbone started and were great. The lead singer came into the crowd with no problem. STP show rocked! RHCP were great too. Overall the crowd seemed really into the show. Saw a few people get taken out by security for trying to rush the stage. But other than that, the crowd seemed very controlled

Total Cost: $50
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