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HFStival '99
{ PSINet Stadium }

Promoter: WHFS
Security: od
Where: Baltimore/Maryland
When: 5/29/1999
Stage: OD

This was my first concert ever and i was very excited to be able to go. I thought it would be a whole lot of fun and i would enjoy every second of it. That is not how it turned out. First of all i should explain that i am in a wheelchair, but i am 100% inependant and thought this would no problem. Now i don't want to sound like a wussy by complaining or anything. It's just that soon after getting into the stadium i dixcovered that NO ONE at all knew any thing in how to help me in any way. Such as where are the elevators, and where can i seat and still be in atleast sight of my wheelchair. So i ended up having to leave my wheelchair out of my sight. This is after discoverthing there was no way to get onto the field, not even in the back. So really my only suggestion is that at this and probably many other concerts there should be more training or info given to the staff and security at these events.


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