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Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock
{ Patriot Center }

Tue Aug 3 21:53:43 CDT 1999
Where: Fairfax
When: 7/1/1999
Stage: indoors

I had a great time at the concert!! I'm also tired of everyone complaining about the event staff not rescuing them!! If you don't want to get hurt - stay out of harms way!! At this concert the event staff and the crowd were being responsible. It was overcrowded and hot but the crowd pushed everyone who needed out to the front and they were gently removed from the crowd. The event staff even called attention to the crowd surfers so everyone in the crowd could be prepared. My advice is as follows. Girls don't whine cause you think you are entitled to special privledges cause you are a girl - it insults me to be represented by such wusses!! Oh and don't wear tube tops if you want to keep your shirt - Common Sense but it seems to be a problem. Guys watch your elbows. And be nice to the event staff - sometimes they are cool. However after the concert the event staff was way too anal!! They wouldn't let me go back in the building to the bathroom - My contact was sitting in my palm drying out but they didn't care!

Jessica Ernst

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