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Blink 182, Fenix TX, Bad Religion
{ New World Theatre }

Thu Jun 29 07:56:01 CDT 2000
Promoter: Q101-FM
Security: Safety Service Syste
Where: Tinley Park, IL/USA
When: 10/6/2000
Stage: outdoors

Well, since this was my first concert I was pretty excited all the way through it. Parking wasn't that bad and there were NW (new world workers) directing people where to go. As you walk in you can see a sign -all moshing, stage diving, and crowd surfing is prohibited and punishable by revocation of ticket- something like that. Then you are searched by a NW and let into the theatre. Fenix TX was already playing and the crowd was going nuts! We walked straight up on the lawn and looked for a good spot to observe the band. We noticed a bunch of security gathered around a mosh pit (controlling it i guess) but it makes ya think about the sing ya see when you walk in. Fenix was on for a good 45 minutes and played solid music.. none of that chit chat crap. The crowd was rather tame compared to what was coming. Fenix left and there was a 10-15 minute intermission until Bad Religion came on. It almost demeans them since they have been around for a LONG time to open for a band. But they came out with some great songs and the pits began to really get going. Security was pretty much a joke after that. The really scary part was that the lawn is on a hill, and people would get crowd surfed down ward gaining speed and either smack into somebodies unsuspecting head, or fall head first into the ground.. OUCH. Security didn't do a darn thing and i was getting pretty worried about one pit which kept on growing... So my friends and i moved to another spot. Then before ya know it a pit forms around us and we start moshing.. Sure its fun and there is a sense of -pit hospitality- where if you are on the ground people try and pick ya up, after all we are all there to have fun right? But this wasn't just a pit. this thing got HUGE. people were coming down from above us and adding to the insanity…after taking a head to my rib/kidney area and losing my breath i decided to head for the hills and get out of there. when bad religion was done with their hour of nonstop play (which was VERY fun) people began to throw things -anything- shoes, blankets, glasses, cups, bottles, ANYTHING. security was the main target of the pelting but i didn't get a football to my stomach which was NOT fun. Then blink came on, GREAT introduction but i didn't like the fact that they turned off all the lights and it was basically pitch black. Blink was without their drummer who broke his hand so they used Fenix TX's drummer who substituted as best he could. They played their music VERY well, but there was too much talk in between. I am sure it would have been more enjoyable had they just played like the other bands did. But still it was a good show. Now if pits weren't scary enough, imagine them with no light. people were on the ground getting trampled, and what little security there was, was probably getting a beer cuz they sure as hell weren't around there. Then i got surfed unknowingly by some rather large guys behind me. it was fun for the first couple of seconds before you realize the people you are headed for don't see you. Then you come crashing to the ground in a big thump, and ACK. my head. after blink was done, i stumbled to the car hurt, but i had one hell of a time! all in all a great show, and tons of fun.

Adam Hall

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