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{ Nissan Pavillion }

Fri Jul 21 18:39:17 CDT 2000
Security: Nissan
Where: stoneridge, va
When: 7/14/2000
Stage: outdoors

Great show despite, rain, heat, hail, and finally cool breeze at night. Moshing in the muddy lawn area along with great female mud wrestling. Wonderful experiences for all attending. I agree with the writer below (37 yr old female), quit harping about what "might happen" The tickets say enter at your own risk and thats what we do. These BS rules once enacted feed on each other and never stop. Get the audience to sign releases from liability and let people still have some fun in this country. Accidents happen and people get hurt. I accept the risk when I go through the gate. Leave us alone to have some fun. Go make money another way other than doomsday forcasts about what could happen at concerts!


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