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HFStival (headliner: RATM, total: 29 bands)
{ FedEX field }

Wed Jul 26 12:47:00 CDT 2000
Promoter: 99.1 HFS
Security: so few of them, i co
Where: Landover, MD
When: 5/28/2000
Stage: outdoors

this past may, i went to the infamous hfstival in maryland. i was at the front of the pit for stainD, and i saw countless people being taken out on stretchers and a girl limp by with blood literally pouring down her face. it was ridiculous. after the show, i needed to find a staff member to ask directions, and it took me 15 minutes to find someone - it was completely understaffed. bands need to start making more of an effort to keep crowds under control, and these radio festivals where up to 30 bands are booked are a tremendous crowd hazard - half the people are just there to mosh, crowdsurf, and get high, ruining it for the rest of us who are actually there for the MUSIC. what a concept... i've seen groups of 30 people fall in a crowd wave and the people behind them just move forward; once i was falling, and it was a horrifying feeling, but the guy next to me pulled me back up before i actually hit the ground. i just got lucky, but next time, you never know... someone else's message on this board suggested that concerts should be dry - i TOTALLY agree. i mean, you can get drunk anywhere, why do it at a concert and ruin it for the rest of us? also, along with the other PJ fans, pearl jam CANNOT be the scapegoat for the roskilde tragedy! they go out of their way to meet with security for their shows and try to restrain excessive surfing/moshing. i think a lot of the blame lies on concertGOERS. i have attended many concerts in the past few years, and have been up against the railing at the front of the pit many many times and its astounding how little people care about each other's safety.

Ana Oza

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