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Ozzfest (Ozzy, Pantera, POD, Methods of Mayhem, Kittie, Godsmack, Disturbed, Crazy Town, Incubis, etc...
{ Mars Music Ampitheater }

Mon Sep 25 14:35:26 CDT 2000
Where: West Palm Beach Fl
When: 7/2/2000
Stage: outdoors

First of all, the concert kicked ass... but there were a couple times when things got a little out of hand. me and my friend dan got there pretty early when there was still room to walk around. the venue was made to hold alot of people but not as many as were there after a couple hours... there was a big lawn hill for general admission and seats under a cover in front of the main stage. to get to the food vendors, bathrooms, vendor booths, etc, you had to walk past the second stage through a small walkway. well needless to say the place got way too overcrouded and it took you 10 minutes (if you're lucky) to walk 30 feet to the bathrooms. anyways, Kittie comes on and the place fills up even more. when they first came on I was somewhere else chilling out. I heard them so we went over to the second stage near the back. when we got there they had just finished one of their songs and was getting the audience hyped up. next they played the song "Brackish" and as soon as they busted into the heavy part a huge mosh pit got started in the overlycrouded area. the next thing I know, a couple hundred people started backing up really fast and when I realize whats happening, I'm standing there completely pressed against some hot dog stand thats getting knocked over and I have the weight of a couple hundred people sqeezing me into this knocked over hot dog stand while I'm trying desperately to not fall down because I know that if I would've fell I would have been taken to the emergency room at best. we were trapped on all sides but somehow weaseled our way out of it....

Joey Egan

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