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Green Day
{ The Warehouse }

Wed Nov 8 17:53:05 CST 2000
Where: Toronto, Canada
When: 11/4/2000
Stage: indoors

I was second row at a Green Day concert, it was the first time I had ever been that close at a concert of that caliber. There was no seating, it was a club setting, the concert was sold out. When the opening band went on, it was difficult to breath, and the heat was way too much. I was elbowed from behind, and almost ended up with bruises on my arm because the guy that was behind me and one other girl, kept jumping up violently. He was fighting with me, he kept trying to put his arm between me and the girl beside me, luckily I was able to move my arm in front of me and elbow him, and with the aid of the girl beside me we were able to remove him from around us.(I'm female by the way) Everytime the crowd shifted I went with it, the only thing that kept me on my feet was the fact that I was able to hold onto the backpack of the girl in front of me. Now keep in mind this is still the opening band. When they were done, the pressure from the thousands behind us was not subsiding, it was however getting worse, and the temperature was rising. It got so unbearable that before Green Day took the stage, I had to get the security guard to lift me over the front row and the barrier. I was soaked with sweat, not all of it belonging to me, and my throat was so dry. I was very dissappointed not to have been able to watch my favorite band from my second row status. But I was glad that I had had enough sense to get myself out, because I could have passed out, or been crushed to death.


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