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Green Day, Papa Roach, Long Beach Dub All Stars, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NOFX, MXPX,
{ Vans Warped Tour }

Mon Nov 13 23:58:01 CST 2000
Security: Good
Where: Sacremento, USA
When: 7/2/2000
Stage: outdoors

This was a general admission concert, so you really had to fight your way to the front. When Papa roach came on everyone went crazy because they're a Sacremento band(and we were in Sac) and in the madness, i got separated form my friends. Everyone was jumping around and knocking into me. im usually pretty tough when it comes to concerts, but this was BAD! (i am a female) I'm pretty small for my age, 5 foot 2, and i was being squished like a bug. it was a hot july day to begin with, and it was so crowded i could barly breathe. Everyone towered over me, which did not help my air supply, and i decided to catch some fresh air by crowd surfing. (which i had been doing all day) The people were so tightly packed, i had no problem surfing, and then suddenly i fell. i was layed out on the ground, but there was someone underneath me. then another crowd surfer fell one me, and them one more fell on him. i could not breath, my body was being crushed, and no one was helping us. At first i panicked, but no one could hear me scream. I was so hot, and i struggled for breath. I thought that i was going to die, because the two people on top of me could not get up. The crowd was packed so tight around us, that no one could move back and pull the people up that were on the ground up. I had no oxygen, and i began to lose consciousness. The people around us figured out what was going on, and finally pushed the crowd back enough to help us up, but by the time they got to me i had blacked out. When i came to, a random guy (that i guessed helped get everyone off the ground) was carrying me over his shoulder, and we were almost out of the mosh. I was shaking, and i was cut up and bruised, but no broken bones, and i was ok. it was relly scary though, and i have not crowd surfed since!! -Kari


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