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Our Lady Peace
{ Lee Civic Center }

Wed May 23 18:24:19 CDT 2001
Promoter: radio station
Security: umm, they were yello
Where: Fort Myers, FL ,USA
When: 4/22/2000
Stage: indoors

I was at an awesome radio show concert with a like 5 bands there,they were all awesome, then our lady peace(headliner) came on and the crowd got even more excited. Since I was in front row i could feel the crowd pushing to get closer. and i'm not a very big person i'm only 5'3 and about 110, so i started to get a little scared, but my friends were with me so i thought everything was going to be okay. but then there was a fight that broke out behind me and the security guard that was in front of me jumped over the gate thing and landed on my head. i was knocked to the ground and i was shoved into the metal gate and crushed by like 600 people. a security guard grabbed me out and carried me backstage and they had paramedics examine me, i had a bunch of cuts and bruises ,a concussion, and a fractured rib. it was fun up until then. and then they let me meet the band to "make up for it" and the band were total jerks to me! oh well. i still love concerts!

Carolyn Chynoweth

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