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Vans Warped Tour 1999
{ First Union Center Parking Lot }

Sat Jul 24 20:05:26 CDT 1999
Where: Philadelphia
When: 7/21/1999
Stage: outdoors

I had an awesome time here... except when I got stuck in two moshpits. The eNtiRe crowd was just a bunch of people pushing each other down and around and it was so violent. The first time was during Dropkick Murpheys. The music started and suddenly I wasn't concentrating on the stage I was concentrating on staying standing! After the first song my friend grabed my hand and we shoved our way out but not until some crowdsurfer sat on her head! I guess its fun for some people to get kicked and punched and pushed but I just wanted ot see the show.. I expected to get pushed around but not to the point where I felt like I was fighting for mylife. You'd think that the crowd for Less than Jake would have been a little different then the DM one but unfortunately it was almost as bad! I got jabbed in the ribs and nearly blacked out. I got seperated from all my friends and when I found them they were gonna crowdsurf me to the fron so I could get out but instead I just freaked out and shoved my way out of the crowd. I walked right throgh a pit and was screaming and cursing at people to let me through. This nice guy parted the crowd for me and I finally got out. I understand that I should take things at my own risk and everything but for certain performers it should not be that bad. I am a lot on the small side and pits and crowds aren't my thing I just like music and stuff. i can take it to a certain point... the point where I am not conentratin' on the music anymore is the last straw.


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