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Q101 Jamboree: Linkin Park, Staind, Papa Roach, Fu
{ Tweeter Music Center }

Sun May 27 17:33:19 CDT 2001
Promoter: WKQX-FM
Security: Safety Services System
Where: Tinley Park/IL/USA
When: 5/19/2001
Stage: outdoors

Dear god, if somebody were to gather every asshole in a 20 mile radius and threw in some great bands, it owuld have been this jamboree. The first two bands (fuel, alien ant farm) were not bad.. i was in my seats and violence was not even present on the lawn. After that i went up to the lawn for linkin park, and papa roach. With the overpowering sent of marijuana around there was not much else to do but hang out. Linkin park came out, and the pits formed. I was impressed to see yellow "STAFF" shirts surrounding the pit keeping the size reasonable and helping those who fell down. Then it got interesting, these were not the pits i was used to seeing (Bad religion, Fenix TX, Blink 182, Kid rock, STP, Bare naked ladies) they all had strong moshers... but these retards just started throwing punches! No sense of pit hospitality! I saw many bloody faces, and the security around there suddenly fell behind walls of angry people surging towards the violence. This went on th!roughout Linkin Park. Who did in fact put on a damn good show! After them, the crowds went back to buying their prescious beer, and fruity drinks. I walked with a female friend over to a stand to grab me a 5.00$ pepsi, and what did i see but a young man get his head stomped into the ground by two other young men... his girlfriend did her best, but hell i don't know anyone who can stop a drunk with a purpose! this poor chap was put to the ground, and seriously stomped or a good while.. until some "STAFF" shirt wearer came by.. oh wait this woman must have been 45 years old and no match for the drunks. The guys got bored and ran off.. while this guy looked up at the many who had gathered around and i could see blood pooring from every part of his face. Security? After this we went back up on the lawn for Papa Roach. They began and so did the pits.. The "STAFF" was clearly outnumbered and these crowds can smell fear! During P-roach I went back down to my seats. on my way down som!e jerk decided to make me his personal crowd surf. needless to say.. he fell. On my way down i got to the stairs seperating the lawn.. look over at what i thought was a pit, but instead it's two people beating the shit out of eachother! this escalated into what resembled a riot on the lawn. It did in fact calm down.. well.. sorta. It turned into a thrown object fight between the lawn and the people who had seats. the lawn flung cups, food, pieces of dirt chunks.. etc. This was a bit much for me, and we left. All in all, a good show ruined by drunks. God bless Budweiser.


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