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Godsmack, Staind, Cold, Systematic
{ Utica Memorial Aud }

Mon May 28 18:20:09 CDT 2001
Promoter: KRock
Where: Utica, Ny, USA
When: 3/3/2001
Stage: indoors

During the band Cold, me, my friend Kristin and another friend Jeremy decided to go on the floor to see the band better. (We were seated on the side of the stage, we were able to see the brand name of the singers sneakers!!!) We went on the floor and some guy had this girl on the side of him and he had his hands on my butt the whole time of one of COld's songs!!! I couldnt believe it and I kept inching away from him but he kept on moving towards me. Well when we were just standing there and we got pushed back on. Me and KRistin almost landed on the older girls behind us. Some guy next to us was going really crazy and he started to start a mosh pit with me, Kristin and Jeremy! Me and Kristin got right out of there and went back up to our seats. THe second adventure of the night was during Staind. One of our friends, Daryl who was seated next to us decided he wanted to go crowd surfing. He went (didnt go far but he was up) and "the crazy guy" took his shoe off and threw it towards the stage. All of us where seated in the stands and we were watching what happened. Daryl's shoe landed on the stage and Aaron Lewis came and picked it up and goes "thanks for the shoe". At the time we were talking with the band memebers from Systematic and they went to go look for the shoe but no one could find it. BUt over all the concert was AwEsOmE!!


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